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Pellucidar Gallery I
Inner Earth Sketches

John Coleman Burroughs, ERB Inc. Edition
Unpublished JCB frontispiece for Land of Terror

Burroughs Bibliophiles, House of Greystoke edition of JCB's David Innes of PellucidarHi-Spot Comics #2: November 1940

David Innes of Pellucidar by John Coleman Burroughs & ERB is a 32-page comic strip adaptation of ERB's At the Earth's Core.  The first 12 pages originally appeared in Hi-Spot Comics, No. 2, Nov., 1940 published by The Hawley Publications, Inc., Redding Ridge, Connecticut. It was the final 12 pages of the 64-page issue. All 32 pages, plus related sketches were eventually published in 1968 by Greystoke Press in a 56-page booklet.

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