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Karen Kravcov Malcolm


I really enjoy the and the web museum website and particularly the family tributes, stories and photos.   I am a second cousin, twice removed, of Edgar Rice Burroughs.   It was fun reading the bios about ERB, including some books I have about him, that showed his love of Arizona and horses and riding.  Think it runs in the blood, since I have always loved both Arizona and horses and have been involved with horses most of my life, and now enjoy trail riding with my husband, Alastair Malcolm.

Pictures of my grandfather, George Earle Burroughs (aka Earl G. Burroughs), strongly resemble Edgar Rice Burroughs.   He was an engineer born in Belleville, Michigan, educated in Ohio, later moved briefly to NJ and finally to Harrisburg, PA.  He was married twice, last to my grandmother, Louise.  He had two offices, one in Pittsburgh and one in New York City operating his business, American Engineers Services. 

He had one brother, Coleburn Burroughs, also known as John C. Burroughs, a Detroit attorney.  Their father, George Tyler ("Taylor") Burroughs, was born in Jamestown (Zanesville), Montgomery County, Illinois in 1844.  He was the author of 

1) “The Business Man’s Guide and Assistant.  Merchant’s and mechanic’s practical arithmetic; or, Instantaneous method of arriving at correct results…”, Detroit, MI, 1875; 
2) “Merchant’s and Mechanic’s Practical Arithmetic:  or, an instantaneous method of arriving at correct results,” 
compiled from results of actual experiments and observation in the pursuit of a business life, Detroit, MI in 1876. 

His father, Col. George Holland Burroughs, was born in the same house in Warren, MA in 1807, as was his older brother, Abner Tyler Burroughs, and his son, George Tyler Burroughs, the father of Edgar Rice Burroughs

George H. has a colorful history, and his bio appears in two references in the Handbook of Texas Online:

According to a historical paper entitled “Seventy Years Ago” written by Danforth Keyes, Esq. for the Quobag Historical Society, included in a newspaper story in the Warren Herald (MA), April 4, 1952 (reprinted from Warren Herald, Feb. 5, 1897), around 1827, George and his older brother, Abner T. Burroughs, were blown into the brook when one of the buildings of a Powder Mill (a relic of the Revolutionary War) blew up (Lois Ellis’s Burroughs' Genealogy, p. 18).

Here are ERB and my family lines:

Tyler Burroughs, born Dec. 17, 1770, Warren, MA; died Jan. 22, 1845, Warren, MA + Anna Pratt, born Dec. 18, 1773, Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA; died Aug. 2, 1842/1848, Warren, MA.

: Abner Tyler Burroughs (1805-1897)

+ Mary Coleman Rice                           Col. George Holland Burroughs (1807-1890) + Rebecca Jane Bell

1st Cousins:
 George Tyler Burroughs, Sr. (1833-1913)

+ Mary Evaline Zieger                                      George Tylor Burroughs (1844-1916) + Lucy Elinor Berlin

2nd Cousins:
 Edgar Rice Burroughs

+ Emma Centennia Hulbert                               George Earle Burroughs (1878-1937)  + Louise Claire Herr

2nd Cousins, once removed

Eleanor Louise Burroughs (1930-2001) + Frederick Kravcov

2nd Cousins, twice removed:                                          Karen Louise Kravcov + Alastair James Malcolm

If you would like, I can send you more information about the Tyler, Burroughs and Pratt families.

(I am looking forward to reading) Mary Evaline Burroughs' Memoirs of a War Bride

Karen Kravcov Malcolm
Scottsdale, Arizona


I worked in Special Collections at the University of California, Riverside while a student there and handled many first editions of Tarzan and other ERB novels.  My family and I lived in Southern California for 14 or so years, but I don't believe we ever were in Tarzana.  My husband and I will put it on our list to visit the next time we're in the area.

I could tell that the Burroughs line was confusing to you and the ERB family.  I will send you my Burroughs information, including my grandafther's line, which is attached.  There's quite a bit!  Also, my scanner is missing a cable since our recent move, so will need to get one sooner than later to send you some photos of my grandfather.  Wait till you see him - you will see what I mean about his resemblance to ERB!  I have many sources listed in the Word document attached, which is what I have on my grandfather's side.  It's amazing what some stationery, a few photos, recollections and a college diploma will do to start you on your family research!  Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack when my mother was only 6 years old.  The Depression took its toll on him.  ERB's line starts around page 21.  I have additional notes and birth/death/marriage certificates and census records for my direct line only.  I have a subscription to, which has provided a certain amount of data in addition to other genealogical and state search engines, but also I've gone the route of hiring people locally to send me recorded real property, estate data and cemetery tombstone photos of my Michigan Burroughs family and their ancestors.  It's been an amazing journey of discovery!  I am a certified legal assistant, so researching is part of my background and passion.

I will keep in touch and send you more information.

Best regards,
Karen Kravcov Malcolm

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