Volume 1162
A Final Photo & Verse Tribute 
Larry Lingeman
with additional photos by
Steve Ramada and Peter O'Keefe 
of the Tarzana Cultural Center

Danton's Last Photos at Tarzana Ranch

Danton with friends Tim McGovern, real estate agent (l) 
and Professor John Westervelt (m) in front of
John's vintage Packard.
Photos to the side are of Danton and the original columns
that decorated the historic Tarzana Ranch pool

Coming up the driveway to the south front entrance

Shaded  Entrance

Tarzana Ranch

In the spring of  2004 I was fortunate enough to spend eight days at the historic Tarzana Ranch.

Danton Burroughs, director of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. and grandson of famed author Edgar Rice Burroughs, enlisted me to oversee the property as it was prepared for sale. As a former teacher and aspiring writer, I was thrilled.

Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote over ninety books, despite beginning his professional writing career at age thirty-six. His imagination knew little boundary and his creative view of worlds (other than Earth) seemed to pave the way for other science-fiction writers. He will, of course, be forever closely associated with his creation of one of the most recognized literary characters – Tarzan of the Apes.

Once part of a 550-acre estate, the remaining portion of the ranch now sits atop a small hill overlooking the vast San Fernando Valley. The stately two story ranch house, which was formerly the writing quarters and theater room of Edgar Rice Burroughs, is surrounded by immense pines and other varieties of beautiful trees.

For a writer, the setting could not have been more perfect. On one particularly quiet and still evening, the rich history and palpable folklore inspired me to write this poem:

Larry Lingeman

Front Entrance ~ South
East Side and Driveway
Ode to Tarzana
Within its walls his spirit dwells,
A grand adventure its story tells
Of days before in splendid lore with
Faint but chilling screams, of those who dare
Amid his lair to question their own dreams

The foreboding grounds behest the sounds
of creatures both great and small.
It seems to be the rest you’ll see as night begins to fall.

The shimmering eyes above the skies bring
Comfort on evenings clear, for tales are told
Of Martian souls both living far and near.
The tangled branches overhead swaying gently in the breeze,
illuminate the Planet Red for those beneath their leaves.

The sound of footsteps quiet descent into the historic room,
eerily remind of tribal drums pounding out impending doom.
Imagination running wild from the ceilings to the floor
and with each opening of the iron gates, the fateful Lion’s roar.

L. R. Lingeman 

East Side Entrance

East Side Entrance

Historic Pool on East

Historic Tarzana Ranch Pool

Main Living Room

Dining Room

Stairs to Second Level

Second Level Study

Second Level Bathroom

Second Level Fireplace




Northside stone wall and exotic trees
 Larry Lingenan (photos with "ll" prefix)

Steve Ramada and Peter O'Keefe 
of the Tarzana Cultural Center (photos with "ps" prefix)
Scans Courtesy of Cathy Wilbanks, ERB, Inc. Offices

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