Presents another find from the
Volume 1614

1911 Dejah Thoris, Martian Princess
Under the Moons of Mars
Under the Moons of Mars
Carter of the Red Planet
A Princess of Mars
Rewritten 1912
The Outlaw of Torn Same as working title The Outlaw of Torn
01.12.11~14.05.12 Tarzan of the Apes Same Tarzan of the Apes
14.07.12~? The Gods of Mars Same The Gods of Mars
Dec 1912~Jan 1913 The Ape-Man
Monsieur Tarzan
The Return of Tarzan The Return of Tarzan
Jan~Feb 1913 The Inner World At the Earth's Core
Lost Inside the Earth
At the Earth's Core
Feb~March 1914 The Cave Girl Same The Cave Girl (pt)
31.03.13~10.05.13 Number Thirteen A Man Without A Soul The Monster Men
07.06.13~08.07.13 The Prince of Helium Warlord of Mars The Warlord of Mars
16.08.13~09.10.13 The Mucker Same The Mucker (pt)
26.10.13~24.11.13 The Mad King of Lutha The Mad King The Mad King (pt)
27.11.13~17.12.13 Nu of the Neocene The Eternal Lover The Eternal Lover (pt)
07.01.14~09.02.14 The Beasts of Tarzan Same The Beasts of Tarzan
added 21,000 words
Men and Beasts The Lad and the Lion The Lad and the Lion
13.07.13~19.03.14 The Girl from Harris's The Girl from Farris's The Girl from Farris's
16.04.14~20.06.14 Carthoris Thuvia, Maid of Mars Thuvia, Maid of Mars
23.07.14~17.08.14 The Cave Man Same The Cave Girl (pt)
21.08.14~14.09.14 Sweetheart Primeval Same The Eternal Lover (pt)
26.09.14~01.11.14 "Barney" Custer of Beatrice Barney Custer of Beatrice The Mad King (pt)
23.11.14~11.01.15 Pellucidar Same Pellucidar
21.01.15~11.05.15 The Son of Tarzan Same The Son of Tarzan
13.05.15~10.06.15 Ben, King of Beasts The Man-Eater The Man Eater (pt)
08.07.15~10.08.15 Beyond Thirty Same Beyond Thirty (pt)
06.09.15~19.10.15 Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar Same Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
25.10.15~05.12.15 H.R.H. The Rider Same The Rider (pt)
24.01.16~15.03.16 "Out There Somewhere" The Return of the Mucker The Mucker (pt)
17.03.16~18.03.17 The New Tarzan Stories See Below Jungle Tales of Tarzan
17.03.16~21.03.16 Tarzan's First Love                 "
08.05.16~25.05.16 The Capture of Tarzan                 "
26.05.16~01.06.16 The Fight for the Balu                 "
07.07.16~13.07.16 The God of Tarzan                 "
13.10.16 Tarzan and the Black Boy                 "
01.11.16~05.11.16 Witch-Doctor Seeks Vengeance                 "
08.12.16~11.12.16 The End of Bukawai                 "
22.12.16~29.12.16 The Lion                 "
07.02.17~08.02.17 The Battle for Teeka                 "
05.03.17~11.03.17 A Jungle Joke                 "
14.03.17~18.03.17 Tarzan Rescues the Moon                 "
10.01.17~12.06.17 Bridge and the Oskaloosa Kid The Oakdale Affair Oakdale Affair and the Rider
08.09.17~13.10.17 The Lost U-Boat The Land That Time Forgot The Land That Time Forgot (pt)
17.11.17~23.11.17 The Little Door None Forgotten Tales of
Love and Murder
13.10.17~02.08.18 Cor Sva Jo The People That Time Forgot The Land That Time Forgot (pt)
23.05.18~16.07.18 Out of Time's Abyss Same The Land That Time Forgot (pt)
09.08.18~10.09.19 Tarzan and the Huns See Below Tarzan the Untamed
09.08.18~17.10.18 An Eye for an Eye                 "
18.10.18~30.10.18 When the Lion Fed                 "
31.10.18~23.11.18 The Golden Locket                 "
27.11.18~10.12.18 When Blood Told                 "
11.12.18~15.01.19 The Debt                 "
15.01.19~24.01.19 The Black Flyer                 "
07.08.19~10.09.19 Tarzan and the Valley of Luna                 "
Rewritten 24.01.22
Under the Red Flag The Moon Men The Moon Maid (pt 2)
03.10.12 For the Fool's Mother None Forgotten Tales of
Love and Murder
22.09.19~22.10.19 The Efficiency Expert Same The Efficiency Expert
Started 16.03.20 The Ghostly Script None     ---
14.08.20~16.12.20 Tarzan the Terrible Same Tarzan the Terrible
07.01.21~12.11.21 The Chess Men of Mars Chessmen of Mars The Chessmen of Mars
16.11.21~07.01.22 The Penningtons The Girl from Hollywood The Girl from Hollywood
10.02.22~31.05.22 Tarzan and the Golden Lion Same Tarzan and the Golden Lion
22.06.22~20.07.22 The Moon Maid Same The Moon Maid (pt 1)
09.08.22~20.07.22 Beware! The Scientists Revolt      ---
22.03.23~24.05.23 The Bandit of Hell's Bend Same The Bandit of Hell's Bend
20.06.23~22.11.23 Tarzan and the Ant Men Same Tarzan and the Ant Men
12.04.24~13.10.24 Marcia of the Doorstep Same Marcia of the Doorstep
20.04.25~14.05.25 The Red Hawk Same The Moon Maid (pt 3)
08.06.25~16.11.25 A Weird Adventure on Mars
Vad Varo of Barsoom
The Master Mind of Mars The Master Mind of Mars
19.08.26~12.11.26 The War Chief of the Apaches The War Chief The War Chief
16.11.26~15.01.27 The Tarzan Twins None The Tarzan Twins
13.05.27~22.07.27 Tarzan the Invincible Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
04.08.27~20.11.27 Apache Devil The Apache Devil Apache Devil
17.01.28~20.02.28 Jad-Bal-Ja and the Tarzan Twins None Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins
with Jad-bal-ja, the Golden Lion
29.03.28~26.05.28 Tarzan and the Lost Empire Same Tarzan and the Lost Empire
13.09.28~21.11.28 Tanar of Pellucidar Same Tanar of Pellucidar
06.12.28~07.02.29 Tarzan and Pellucidar Tarzan at the Earth's Core Tarzan at the Earth's Core
28.02.29~10.05.29 A Fighting Man of Mars Same A Fighting Man of Mars
02.10.29~30.12.29 Dancing Girl of the Leper King The Land of the Hidden Men Jungle Girl
18.03.30~09.06.30 Tarzan and the Man-Things Tarzan, Guard of the Jungle Tarzan the Invincible
14.06.30~12.07.30 That Damn Dude
The Brass Heart
The Terrible Tenderfoot
The Terrible Tenderfoot Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County
27.02.31~20.05.31 Tarzan and the Raiders The Triumph of Tarzan Tarzan Triumphant
12.06.31~14.06.31 Calling All Cars None Forgotten Tales of 
Love and Murder
09.07.31~25.09.31 Tarzan and the Leopard Men Same Tarzan and the Leopard Men
02.10.31~06.11.31 The Pirates of Venus Same Pirates of Venus
21.11.31~07.01.32 Tarzan and the City of Gold Same Tarzan and the City of Gold
22.02.32~05.05.32 Pirate Blood
by John Tyler McCulloch
Same Pirate Blood
06.08.32~12.11.32 Lost on Venus Same Lost On Venus
09.02.33~30.05.33 Tarzan and the Lion-Man Tarzan and the Lion Man Tarzan and the Lion Man
06.11.33~15.12.33 Swords of Mars Same Swords of Mars
13.05.34~19.01.35 Tarzan and the Immortal Men
Tarzan and Jane
Tarzan and the Immortal Men Tarzan's Quest
26.01.35~11.09.35 Back to the Stone Age,
A Romance of the Inner World
Seven Worlds To Conquer Back to the Stone Age
1935 or 1936 Tarzan the Magnificent Tarzan and the Magic Men Tarzan the Magnificent (pt 1)
22.03.36~25.03.36 Elmer Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw
01.12.36~08.03.37 Tarzan and the Elephant Men Same Tarzan the Magnificent
24.07.37~19.08.37 Carson of Venus Same Carson of Venus
10.10.37~18.11.37 Tarzan and the Forbidden City The Red Star of Tarzan Tarzan and the Forbidden City
01.12.37~31.01.38 "Two Gun" Doak Flies South
by John Tyler McCulloch
Mr. Doak Flies South
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
None       ____
02.03.38~? Synthetic Men of Mars The Synthetic Men of Mars Synthetic Men of Mars
17.10.38~17.04.39 Land of Terror None Land of Terror
10.01.39~18.01.39 New Tarzan Series, 1939
Murder in the Jungle
Tarzan and the Jungle Murders Tarzan and the Castaways (pt)
Outline: 13.05.21
Angel's Serenade None     -----
17.07.39~? Tarzan and the Champion None Tarzan and the Castaways (pt)
16.01.40~22.02.40 Tarzan and the Madman None Tarzan and the Madman
04.05.40~20.07.40 Captured on Venus Slaves of the Fishmen Escape On Venus (pt)
16.09.40~24.09.40 The Fire Goddess Goddess of Fire Escape On Venus (pt)
15.10.40~22.10.40 The Living Dead Same Escape On Venus (pt)
12.11.40~16.11.40 War on Venus Same Escape On Venus (pt)
16.07.40~17.07.40 The Strange Adventure of
Mr. Dinnwiddie
None Forgotten Tales of
Love and Murder
24.07.40~06.09.40 The Frozen Men of Mars
John Carter and the Pits of Horz
The City of Mummies Llana of Gathol
(First considered titles:
The Frozen Men of Mars
Swordsmen of Mars)
27.09.40~02.10.40 The Black Pirates of Barsoom Black Pirates of Barsoom             "
24.10.40~30.10.40 Escape on Mars Yellow Men of Mars             "
18.11.40~22.11.40 Invisible Men of Mars Same             "
07.09.40~15.09.40 Hodon and O-AA The Return to Pellucidar Savage Pellucidar (pt)
(ERB's tentative title:
Girl of Pellucidar)
06.10.40~13.10.40 Men of the Bronze Age Same Savage Pellucidar (pt)
06.11.40~10.11.40 Tiger Girl Same Savage Pellucidar (pt)
02.10.44~26.10.44 Savage Pellucidar Same Savage Pellucidar (pt)
24.10.40~05.11.40 Beyond the Farthest Star Same Tales of Three Planets (pt)
17.12.40~21.12.40 Tangor Returns None Tales of Three Planets (pt)
26.11.40~13.12.40 Tarzan and the Castaways The Quest of Tarzan Tarzan and the Castaways (pt)
05.01.40~08.01.40 Misogynists Preferred None Forgotten Tales of 
Love and Murder
23.01.41~07.10.41 The Wizard of Venus None Tales of Three Planets (pt)
02.12.41 started A Venus Story 2 1/2 pages None      -----
11.04.41~27.09.41 So I'm a Barbarian!
I Am a Barbarian
None I Am A Barbarian
25.10.41~20.11.41 The Skeleton Men of Jupiter Skeleton Men of Jupiter John Carter of Mars (pt)
24.02.43~30.03.43 More Fun! More People Killed! None      -----
19.05.44~20.05.44 Uncle Bill None Forgotten Tales of
Love and Murder
10.06.44~11.09.44 Tarzan and the "Foreign Legion" None Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion"
07.09.46 Unnamed Tarzan novel (82 pages) Tarzan: The Lost Adventure Tarzan: The Lost Adventure (pt)
1939 or 1940 John Carter and the Giant of Mars Same John Carter of Mars (pt)
From notes provided to H. H. Heins by Hulbert Burroughs, ERB, Inc.


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